Ireland has the lowest percentage of evangelical Christians in all English-speaking countries in the world.

■Only 30,000 (that’s less than 1%) are evangelical Christians.

■Ireland ranks in the top of the European lists in reference to teenage suicide, drinking alcohol and unwed mother rates.

■Cocaine and heroin use is rapidly on the rise amongst all socio-economic levels.

■Divorce (previously illegal until 1997) is a new difficulty for families, with a 70% increase over just four years.

■Many evangelical churches today in Ireland consist of just 20 people, most of which meet in homes. There is a hunger in Ireland to know the grace of God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ, so it is time for us to start the harvest in Ireland and stop sitting on the sidelines.

■Ireland is young, growing, and global.

■40% of the population is under the age of twenty-five, and 60% is under age 40. Due to the now-defunct economic boom known as the “Celtic Tiger” many had experienced new-found wealth and jobs, which attracted others from the European Union and various nations. Construction, employment, and immigration rapidly changed Ireland in 15 years into a cosmopolitan nation.

■Ireland’s history with the Catholic church has cause many to question faith and a mass exodus from attendance in the Catholic church. While 30 years ago, Ireland would have claimed extremely high mass attendance that has totally turned upside down, leaving many people with more questions than answers when it comes to their faith.



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