We are redefining what church means for the people of Ireland by targeting those who don’t know Christ in their own environment. We are bringing Christ to the pubs, coffee houses, and anywhere the Church has been afraid to go before. We have an opportunity to not only change how the Church and how Christ are perceived in Ireland, but we have the opportunity to change the very language of Christianity!

Can you imagine?

A church that lives life with people and that will show God’s love and kindness to them. A church that doesn’t just know Biblical truths, but is living them out and planting churches that carry out the mission of Christ! A church that is growing throughout all of Ireland, and Christians having a real influence on their towns and cities.

We have many local partners throughout Ireland and are focusing our initial efforts in Limerick City. We focus on raising up Irish leaders and supporting the local church to accomplish the cause of Christ in a way that makes a real impact on the fabric of society.

What we are doing to accomplish the vision?

We started by planting a Church called, Elevate Community Church, in Limerick Ireland and are working with Dermot O’Mahony, a local from Limerick, to build a vibrant church in Limerick City, in the heart of Ireland. Visit the Church website for more information on Elevate: www.ecclimerick.com. We hope this will be the first of many churches planted in Ireland. Because we see the local church as the primary way Christ accomplishes His mission, we put most of our focus in the church, so don’t be surprised if when you talk with us you see “Elevate” plastered all over most of our communication!

We have also been networking with churches throughout the Republic of Ireland, and working to inspire other leaders toward the cause of Christ in Ireland. Our hope is that the churches in Ireland will grow in their ability to encourage each other and become more effective in reaching the lost and changing the way that people view Christians in Ireland.

You might be asking the question, “Why Ireland?” We are glad you asked!  Click the link to learn more.



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